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Security Services in Toronto – Modern

Physical Security in Toronto – Modern

Our physical security services team in Toronto – Modern can be deployed anywhere and is composed of certified security specialists whose training and professionalism are your guarantee of safety.

Mobile Patrol in Toronto – Modern

Our mobile patrol services in Toronto – Modern are an important part of a successful security system.

GTrack Supports our Physical Security Services in Toronto – Modern

Our GTrack tracking solution in Toronto – Modern improves security guard response times. Plus, it can help you make better security-related decisions based on concrete data extracted from detailed reports.

Executive Protection in Toronto – Modern

With our executive protection services in Toronto – Modern, top-notch bodyguards and mobile security solutions protect individuals who may be exposed to increased risk.

Airport Security in Toronto – Modern

Our airport security services in Toronto – Modern ensure that highly trained airport security personnel provide passenger screening services as well as security for all vulnerable areas.

Police Force Support Services in Toronto – Modern

In order to allow police officers to focus on their front-line duties, our police support services in Toronto – Modern take on certain responsibilities such as responding to lower-priority calls.


  • Bodyguard
  • Mobile Security


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